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Mediator Farrest Taylor meeting with the parties.

Our Expertise

Because of mediator Farrest Taylor's broad experience as a trial attorney and his experience representing parties in mediation, he has a unique perspective that allows him to effectively mediate a wide range of disputes.

His philosophy is you can make mediation an economically attractive option for almost any civil case, and he works as hard as he can to help bridge the divide between parties to reach a settlement

Types of Mediation

Attorney Farrest Taylor has been a trial lawyer for the past 29 years. He has extensive experience. He has handled cases from automobile wrecks to complex mass tort and class action litigation, giving him a unique perspective as a civil mediator.

Personal Injury, Nursing Home  & Mass Torts

Farrest Taylor has both trial and litigation experience in workers’ compensation cases with a wide range of work-related injuries. making him an excellent choice for mediating workers' compensation cases.

Workers' Compensation

Mediator Farrest Taylor has extensive experience in environmental cases, including those involving heavy metal and coal fly ash contamination, In 2008, he was one of four finalists for Trial Lawyer of the Year for his role in one of the largest environmental cases in the country.


Farrest Taylor has tried cases involving dental and medical malpractice and has vast experience in other areas of professional liability, including construction and insurance, giving him a unique perspective on professional liability mediation.

Professional Liability

Mediator Farrest Taylor has extensive experience with litigating insurance claims, making him a great fit as mediator in insurance cases.


Alabama mediator Farrest Taylor has litigated numerous contract disputes, including several involving closely held businesses. 


With over 29 years of experience practicing family law, mediator Farrest Taylor is ready to mediate your domestic and divorce cases.


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