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Domestic & Probate Litigation

Farrest Taylor and a client

Our Expertise

Taylor Law Group is a highly-experienced, litigation-oriented law firm. 

Attorney Farrest Taylor has successfully litigated cases in numerous jurisdictions. Many of Taylor’s winning verdicts have been in excess of $1 million. For example, he was lead counsel in an environmental class-action lawsuit that resulted in a $430 million verdict for his clients; in another proceeding, again as lead counsel, he won a $25 million verdict for his client in a wrongful death case. 

Types of Litigation

A divorce can be exceptionally stressful. We attempt to relieve some of the stress by providing you with exceptional legal representation. Much of the stress is the uncertainty and the unknown of what may happen in a divorce. While we can’t eliminate the uncertainty, we do our best to minimize it. We also believe that knowledge is power. We have found that when clients are kept fully informed about their divorce case, they are better equipped to handle the stress and prepare for life after divorce. If you retain us to represent you, we keep you fully informed through the divorce process and give you the knowledge to make the most informed decision. 


Following a final order in a divorce, circumstances may change, requiring a modification in child custody. Under Alabama law, modifying a child custody order is not easy. If you need us to review an existing child custody order, give our firm a call for a consultation.

Child Custody

The Taylor Law Firm represents clients who are involved in will and estate disputes. If you have a question about a will or an estate, our experienced legal team can help. Call the Taylor Law Firm for a free case review.

Probate & Estate Law

Minors (children under 18) are often involved in domestic cases [as well as legally incompetent adults] and need representation of their own to protect them from being used as leverage in litigation. In these types of cases, a Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) is often appointed by courts to advocate for the child’s best interest. Attorney Farrest Taylor is certified by the State of Alabama as a Guardian Ad Litem and has experience in ensuring that those that need protection the most have excellent representation and care for their needs.

Guardian ad Litem

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